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Statement of Safety and Health Policy
The safety of Islands Mechanical Contractor (IMC), Inc. employees, operations and the public are of paramount importance and shall never be compromised. Every effort is made to provide safe working conditions while preventing incidents. We have implemented the Zero Injury Program as a further commitment to the health and safety of our employees. We believe that the elimination of all injuries is feasible.

IMC provides each project team with support from our Safety Department to assist in raising on-site safety awareness through the performance of project safety audits, providing technical support to our on-site teams and training of our employees and supervisors on the implementation of the Zero Injury Program. IMC supervisors are required to implement these techniques, as appropriate to their project, from the onset of the project through its completion.

IMC’s goal of achieving an injury-free workplace mandates that we communicate to our employees our commitment to the Zero Injury Program and then ask the employees for the help and support they need to work in a manner that prevents injury.