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Islands Mechanical Contractor (IMC), Inc.'s success in the private sector begins with our understanding of the owner’s perspective. We have significant experience, in all of our disciplines, to successfully support your project objectives. Our primary goal is to complete your project on time and within budget. We maintain a safe environment for our workers and the owner to minimize interruption in your day-to-day operations. Our technical staff is experienced working with owners and their architects, engineering consultants and equipment suppliers early in the project.

CuisanArt Resort

CuisinArt Resort - Anguilla
Location: Anguilla
Project Value: $4,000,000 Plus
Contact: Anguilla Development Corporation
Duration: June 2006 to Present

IMC started this project as the air conditioning, plumbing and electrical subcontractor for an expansion of the existing resort's spa. The scope of work expanded to include new ocean villas, the Tokyo Bay Restaurant and a new central chilled water plant.

Renaissance Resort

Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino
Location: Curacao
Project Value: $2,485,000
Contact: Manhattan Construction
Duration: August 2006 to December 2008

IMC was called in to assist the prime contractor to recover the schedule. IMC was able to mobilize and get the project from 4 months behind to waiting on outer trades in six weeks. The project included 250+ guest rooms, restaurant, kitchen, casino and pool bar.

Holiday Inn Suspree Resort

Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort
Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica
Project Value: $3,875,000
Contact: The Haskell Company
Duration: August 2006 to December 2008

IMC was the plumbing and air conditioning contractor for this resort. The owner, The Bass Company, was so pleased with our service they contracted additional work directly with IMC.

Flag Resort

Flag Luxury Properties, LLC & St. Regis Resort Temenos
Location: Anguilla
Project Value: $10,500,000
Contact: Hensel-Phelps
Duration: May 2005 to June 2006

IMC was the selected by Hensel-Phelps to assist them in the site development and the utilities work to act as the base for all future buildings. IMC was also contracted to assist in the completion of the golf clubhouse. The clubhouse was completed in time for a celebrity studded grand opening.

Marriot Resort

Marriot Resort
Location: Aruba
Project Value: $5,875,250
Contact: Marriot International-Robert Coleman, AIA of Ed Stacy, PE
Duration: May 1997 to December 2000

IMC contracted with Marriot International for the mechanical, plumbing and fire protection on this Caribbean resort. We completed this outstanding project and entered into negotiations for the next phase of construction working with our local partners.

Hydro-Electric Power Station

Hydro-Electric Power Station
Location: Belize
Project Value: $12,000,000
Contact: Dominion Energy
Duration: June 1998 to August 2002

IMC was contracted by Dominion Energy and Belize Electric Company Limited to perform modifications and repairs to the Chinese built power station. IMC’s crews were escorted into the rain forest each day to encase the existing dam water piping within a second layer of containment piping.

Andros Electric Repower Project

Andros Electric Repower Project
Location: Andros Island, Bahamas
Project Value: $1,075,000
Contact: Florida Power and Light-James McDonald
Duration: February 2004 to March 2005

IMC worked with Florida Power and Light to replace the existing diesel engine generators with newer, more efficient power generating equipment. The project required overseas transport and on site transport of equipment. IMC was also responsible for the relocation and termination of all the power cables, fuel lines and exhaust fumes.

Heat Recovery Boiler

Heat Recovery Boiler
Location: St. Croix, US Virgin Islands
Project Value: $23,000,000
Contact: G.E.C.
Duration: August 2007 to December 2009

IMC worked on this project for several years before reaching a contractual agreement with VIWAPA. The owner selected and purchased the boiler direct and IMC was contracted to transport, set and install the boiler. The company avoided transporting the boiler sections on local roadways. Instead, IMC shipped the boiler to a large port, then off-loaded and reloaded it onto a smaller barge. IMC worked with local contractors to install the foundations, set the boiler and complete the boiler piping.